"Mike was extremely helpful during my search for a home. He offered great insight to how the housing market goes in my new area. He was responsive an personable. He and his staff ( Janely) were always available to field my questions during the home buying process. I was fortunate to have chosen them as my agents."


     "My Fiance and I had the privelage of having Mike as our realtor. We had been looking at houses for about 6-8 months and had gone through several real estate agents, it seemed that every offer we had put in on a house we were outbid or something would go wrong. I got a hold of Mike and his team to  see if they could help us in this competitive market, and they did! Mike's experience, knowledge, persistence, and contacts were all a huge role in us getting our home. We had a small price range but he treated us like a high end client and he always explained things to the fullest to make sure we understood everything that was going on. Our overall experience went by very smooth and we couldnt have asked for better communication! Even if Mike was out of town he always made sure that we were taken care of and that things were moving along smoothly. I highly reccommend Mike and his real estate team they are wonderful! :) ~Jeff & Jamie"



     "Mike has an amazing way with people. He puts them at their ease and gets whatever detailed information he needs. He and his staff also have wonderful research tools and skills. He seemed to be able to find out just about anything we needed to know. He also seemed to always have time to show us  a property. I especially appreciated his wonderful way of explaining the process in terms we could understand. He was truly our mentor, as well as a friend. For anyone new to the homebuying process I would very much recommend Mike. He will educate you and make your meetings with others comfortable and positive. You can go into any situation with confidence."

     "Mike has been helping my husband and I for the past few years to research and plan our house buying. We have come pretty close to a few great places-and Mike continued to keep us abreast of changes from the banks, sellers, etc. We still are looking for a house, but as any buyer knows finding the  house you can afford/qualify for doesn't always match up with what you want! Mike has always been supportive, educational, and reminded us to look for potential in a house, look past the cosmetic defects and imagine what we can do with it. We have always felt his knowledge, support, and just downright easy-going straight talk is our best card in the deck while we maneuver the market here on the Central Coast. Thanks Mike! Looking forward to this being our year!"